Santanu Das


Thank you for your curiosity, interest and visiting my website. Let me offer you a brief introduction.

I was born in Odisha (India), currently living in san antonio, texas 
WITH MY WIFE AND DAUGHTER. Moved here after a 16-years staty in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA).  I am so fortunate to be culturally diversed, and heavenly appreciate for what I am today. Primarily, I work as an it consultant. Photography has been one of my favorite hobbies for the last several years, roughly over a decade.

I learned photography from various sources - internet, magazines, and amazing works of the great masters... also a few from my own mistakes! basically I'm self-taught. I truly believe that learning is a never ending process in any field, for anyone; so I am open to any learning opportunity.  On any project, I put all my effort to improvise the job either using my past skills or collectively my old knowledge and some new techniques. In my spare time, either I go for shooting something new or loupe over my photo archives. It’s so relaxing, so therapeutic!!

I greatly enjoy shooting Performing Arts, Glamour, Portraiture and Abstract. This does not mean, I am not ready for or open to other kind of projects. Style comes with time, mood, experience, appreciation etc., and is a difficult thing to force. I will work on any project if that is exciting to me. I get deeply involved and do enough homework prior to the commencement of any project. I always aim to produce meaningful and fascinating art-works from any creative shoot.

What else? Besides photography, I have a solid knowledge of Graphics Design. This helps me to determine not only the creativity side of photography but also other technical components such as LIGHT, color, white balance, sharpness etc. This knowledge is highly important and very useful towards the final production which could either be a small print or a huge canvas or a coffee-table book.


JUST Remember – Photographer Matters if Memory Matters:)